2D Animation Reel

Project 01

2D Animation Reel Breakdown

  • 1) 00:00:03-00:00:10 Club Mystery videos for Pronk. Animator. Animated in Flash.
  • 2) 00:00:11-00:00:15 Toyota Safety video for Hornet Inc. Animated in Flash.
  • 3) 00:00:16 -00:00:19 CBA New Year's Resolution for Common Wealth Bank of Austrailia for Nathan Love. Animated white 2D line art in Flash.
  • 4) 00:00:20-00:00:22 SkippyJonJones, episode 1 for Penguin Group USA. Animated in After Effects.
  • 5) 00:00:23-00:00:42 Superjail Season 3 for Titmouse NY. Animated in Flash.
  • 6) 00:00:42-00:00:46 Frosty vs. Fries for McCann-Ericksin/MRM Partners. Animated in Flash.
  • 7) 00:00:47-00:00:57 Personal short films. Animated in Flash.
  • 8) 00:00:57-00:01:00 Superjail Season 3 for Titmouse. Animated in Flash.

  • Role: Animator


Personal & Commissioned
Project 02


Commissioned Work: Game Art for educational games & various ad agency work

Personal Work: Background art for short films

Web Banner Work

Project 03

Web Banners

Various web banners animated for book publishing campaigns.

Animated GIFs

Hachette Book Group
Project 04

Animated GIFs

Lemoney Snicket GIFs

Shouldn't You Be In School? || Walking || Ink Inc. || Tadpole

  • Client: Hachette Book Group
  • Role: Animator
  • Year: 2013-Present

Motion Graphics

Book Trailers/Motion Comics
Project 05

Motion Graphics/Book Trailers/Motion Comics

AT&T Lower-Thirds: Animated in After Effects.

INCARCERON Book Trailer: Animated in After Effects.

The Impossible Knife Of Memory Trailer: Animated in After Effects.

SYLO Book Trailer: Animated in After Effects.

LadyBug Girl Book Trailer: Animated in After Effects.

The Ultraviolets Book Trailer: Animated in After Effects.

The Dark Knight Nokia Motion Comic: Animated in After Effects.

SkippyjonJones Web series: Animated in After Effects.

Incarceron Book Trailer: Animated in After Effects.

  • Client: Various: Penguin Group USA, Hachette Book Group, MotherLand
  • Role: Animator

Short Films

Shorts I've written/animated/directed
Project 06

Short Films

In my free time, I write and direct animated shorts which have played at film festivals.

FANTASTIC FOE (2014, 4 min.): A psychiatrist fights an imaginary friend. Comedy.

SICK DAY (2013, 5 min.): A man fakes sickness to enjoy a balmy summer day. Comedy.

PINHEAD (2010, 5 min.): Office politics and black magic collide. Comedy.


I'm a NYC-based 2D Animator/Illustrator. I have animated for shows on MTV Networks & Adult Swim and illustrated for educational games & ad agencies.

I also animate trailers and web campaigns for Penguin Group USA and Hachette.

In my free time, I direct and animate short films.